Hanscom AFB Middle Schoolers Ride into Summer at MathAlive!


Students from Hanscom Middle School at Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, rounded out their school year with a field trip to the Museum of Science, Boston, where Raytheon's math and science exhibit, MathAlive!, is currently on display.

Through the interactive video-game style displays, the students learned that efficient use of angles helps a snowboarder speed through a run, that the spacing of wheels on a skateboard affects the rider’s ability to perform tricks, and that the rhythms of pop and dance hits are really just fractions applied to music.

"It is important to keep our students engaged with unique programs such as MathAlive! that inspire and enlighten," said Erich Ledebuhr, principal of Hanscom Middle School. "By showing them that math and science are part of the activities they already enjoy, it opens their eyes to a whole new way of learning."

MathAlive! is designed to bring to life the "real" math behind the things young people love most. The 5,000 sq. ft. exhibit and 40 interactive stations create an immersive experience that help spark a lasting interest in math and science at school, college and ultimately, the workplace. The traveling exhibit is part of Raytheon’s MathMovesU® education initiative, which aims to inspire tomorrow’s engineers and technologists by getting them interested in math and science today.

The company has partnered with Hanscom Middle School on other projects, including a visit to the Discover Museums in Acton, Mass., last October, part of a larger mission to honor the Hanscom Air Force Base community, and all men and women in uniform, through sponsorship of the Museums’ Military Appreciation Program that offers free admission for military families.

As part of its MathMovesU program, Raytheon is sponsoring field trips to the Museum of Science, Boston for partner schools and STEM-focused organizations throughout the summer.